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Praying for freedom from generational sins is a significant part of breaking free from strongholds.  Generational sins are sins that have been in our family line and have given the enemy an opportunity to put a “stake” in the ground. He sees the opportunity of unconfessed sin, bondage and strongholds to claim ground for himself.

Praying for freedom from generational sin is acknowledging to the Lord that a sin has been in our family line for generations, asking for forgiveness and breaking the tie to generational sin through the power and authority of Jesus Christ.

When we pray for God to forgive and break the power of generational sin from our lives, we are asking God to remove the enemy’s stake in the ground and set us free.

Your Freedom

What is one stronghold or area in your life where you feel bound? Is this stronghold or area of bondage something you see in your parent’s lives or grandparent’s lives or sibling’s lives? If so, the enemy may have a stake in the ground because of generational sin. Remember that Jesus took all of our sins, including generational sins, on the Cross. The Cross is greater than any generational sin or generational bondage.  The following is a prayer that you can pray to receive freedom from generational sin.


Lord Jesus, I confess the sin of _______________ (fill in the blank with the generational sin) that has been in my life and my family line. I bring this generational sin to the Cross and ask you to forgive me for this sin. I renounce (disown) this generational sin of ______________ (fill in the blank with the sin) and break the tie that I have with that sin in the name of Jesus. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over this sin, so that it has no hold on me. I renounce this sin that has been in my family line and break the power it has over me and my family in Jesus’ Name. Jesus, heal my heart and deliver me from all the effects this generational sin has had on me and my family.  Take back every stolen ground the enemy took from me as a result of this generational sin.  Holy Spirit, fill this place in my life with your presence and power.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Thank Jesus for taking the punishment for your sin and generational sin upon Himself. Thank Him for the freedom and healing that is yours because of His great love for you.

But he was pierced because of our rebellion, crushed because of our iniquities; punishment for our peace was on him, and we are healed by his wounds (Isaiah 53:5).

Note: Several years ago, Terry (my husband) and I asked the Lord to reveal to us any generational sins in our family line.  We wrote down the sins that He brought to our minds.  We prayed a prayer similar to what is written above for every sin God showed us as a generational sin.  God did a powerful work in our lives and family as a result of praying through generational sins.

In the video below, Susan Sowell shares about recognizing generational sin in her own family and God’s work in her life and His power to free her from the bondage caused by generational sin.

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