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“I am stuck inside, what can I do?”

These can be some long and lonely days. Is there anything that I can do to help me through the day?  The phrase “social distancing” is too real for a person in an assisted living facility. Not only are they separated by physical distance, they are also socially isolated from the ones they love. These are some tips to help them not only survive but perhaps even thrive during this time.

1. Stay with your daily routine as much as possible. By keeping your natural rhythm of life it will make the day pass as a typical day. We are basically persons who are spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social. Research shows that when one aspect of these five “natures” gets out of balance, it tends to disrupt the entire system. For example: if you are feeling stressed, take a walk or talk to a grandchild.

2. Spiritual: Spend some moments focusing on your relationship with God. Talk to Him, tell Him about your day, listen to what He is saying. Open your Bible, read and ask questions to God as you read. Listen to what He is saying. The Gospel of John is a good place to start. Watch live worship service online or TV.

3. Mental: Do something other than listening to 24-hour news and starring at your electronic device. Read a book, listen to an interesting podcast, do a project you enjoy.

4. Emotional: How are you doing? Emotionally? Take a deep breath. Do it again. Relax. Troubled? Listen to some calming jazz, soul, blues, praise music and turn everything else off. Enjoy the quiet. Talk to someone. Get distracted; we have time now – right…

5. Physical: Exercise, get up and move. Stand while you watch TV. Dance a little or a lot (Nobody is watching)!

6. Social: I know, I know… you are having to keep your distance. But a phone call is an amazing connecting devise when you can’t be there. But, you say, “Nobody is calling.” Well, you do the calling.

  • Call your children/ grandchildren/friend.
  • Ask them about their struggles, fears, accomplishments?
  • What was the worst part of your day, the best part.
  • Video conference / Zoom: Children can show-n-tell, get to see faces
  • Ask family to do a window visit.
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