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About Empowered Homes

Home – where life happens. Where we share our most vulnerable moments.
Where we look for strength and encouragement.

We all want our homes to be a place of rest, blessing, and empowerment. We all want to strengthen our homes to be a healthy environment where we grow deeper in our relationships with the ones we love most.


How do I find guidance to address the challenges my home is facing?

Empowered Homes exists to provide practical resources and strategies to help empower your home to be all that it was designed to be. How do we discover that purpose?

We believe

the home is the primary place created by God to reflect His image. Our first images of God’s love, faithfulness, justice, goodness, holiness, grace, comfort, and blessing are written on our hearts at home – for better or for worse – through the words and the lives of our parents.

We believe

when homes are transformed by the power of the Gospel and experience true fulfillment in Jesus Christ, such a movement would provide the “tipping point” needed to restore the home to God’s original design.

We are honored to partner with you and your home on this journey.

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