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Men, this is your challenge.

Are you willing to examine your heart and live out the adventure God has for you? This challenge is not meant to manage your behavior. Behavior management is exhausting and only leads to pride or shame. You don’t need more rules. You don’t need to be told how bad you are. You don’t need someone yelling in your face. You need Jesus to change your heart.

We need Jesus every day, not just once a week. It is a daily journey following and pursuing Jesus. Changed behavior comes from a changed heart.

Days 1-7

In the first seven days, you will examine your own life and hit the reset button on several areas of dysfunction or false fulfillment. These are not meant to discourage you but rather inspire you to live out the potential that God has put in every man. You must be firm in knowing what God has done for you through Jesus. You did nothing; it is by grace you are saved. You will also look at men in the bible and how they lived out their calling as men of courage. Lastly, you must examine your blind spots and how to battle against the enemy who wants to destroy you.

Days 8-14

The last seven days are focused on your heart. Not your neighbor’s heart or your best buddy, YOUR HEART! At the core of every man is a heart; deep in a man’s heart are some fundamental questions that simply cannot be answered neatly. Questions like, Who am I? What am I made for? What am I destined for? The journey of life is where we find answers; you must take the journey yourself. God made the masculine heart, set it within every man, and thereby offers him and invitation: “Come, and live out what I meant you to be.”

This world needs men. Men who understand that God has placed within the heart of every man an overpowering desire for three things—“a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.” We do not need more nice guys; we need men who love Jesus and live for him daily.

Day’s eight through fourteen are pulled from the book Wild at Heart, written by John Eldridge. If you would like to dig deeper, please grab a copy of the book and read it.