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A few months ago Liz and I received an invitation to a wedding and the invitation stated that the couple would be “blessed by our presence.” Think about that… your presence and your participation can bless someone. You are the only you there will ever be. No one before you or after you will ever be exactly like you. And sometimes our presence is the exact vehicle God wants to use to bless someone else.

We show our family and friends that they are valued by our presence and our participation in their life.

We bless them by being there for them. I quite often talk to men who are struggling with their schedule and the choices they are making regarding their priorities. Many times they state the same thing, “My wife and my kids know I love them.” I always follow up that statement with a question, “Yes, they may know you love them but how do you show them you love them.?” Our kids and our spouse can’t see our heart; they can only see the results of our calendar. We bless them by being present in their life.

A few months ago we culminated our week of prayer and fasting with a 4am prayer vigil. As our Senior Pastor began our time together that morning I looked over my shoulder and saw his dad about 3 rows back….at 4am. And it hit me…yes, his dad is passionate about prayer and but his dad is also passionate about his son. He was not only present but was participating in his son’s life. We bless others by blessing who they are not what they do and we bless them by our presence and participation in their life.

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