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A few days ago I read an article titled “10 Things to Say to Your Kids Everyday.” It was a well written article with a positive, encouraging message. Like the author of the article, I believe in providing my boys with a positive message each day. However, when it comes to what they remember me saying each day I hope they will know in their heart two things… two really important things.

#1: “I Choose You”

Our daily exchange, typically at night, goes like this:

Me: “Drew, if I had every 8 year old boy in the world lined up, who would I choose to be my son?”

Drew: “You would choose me!”

The purpose of this conversation is to ensure they undoubtedly know they are chosen, loved, and accepted. Greater than ever before, our culture has created a need for acceptance. As my boys grow older and head out in to this world, I want them to always know they are chosen and accepted by those who love them most. 

#2 : “You Are My Son”

Our conversation goes like this:

Me: “Hunter, why do I love you?”

Hunter: “Because I am your son.”

As their Dad, one of my most important duties is to ensure they undoubtedly know that their Mom & Dad’s love is in no way tied to performance… performance in a class room, performance on a ball field, performance in life. I love them simply because they are my sons. (Or daughters, if you are raising girls!)

Why do I have these two specific conversations with my boys each day? Because as a child of God, I do not have to compete with others for His love. Because as a child of God, my identity in Christ is never tied to my own performance. Because as a parent, it is my responsibility to reflect the image of God in my home.

If you have children, develop your own messages. Speak truth into their life. Do this every day; and make them count.

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