Raising boys and girls together is like playing two different sports, with different equipment and different rules, at the same time. Their bodies are different, how they think is different, and how they respond to situations is different.

And since boys and girls are different, how we parent them should be different.

We all should have a standard of rules and structure in our homes, but we also should respect the differences between boys and girls. There are always exceptions and some things are rooted more in personality than in gender, but generally speaking, here are 3 major differences between boys and girls and why it matters.

1. Discipline

Boys: For many boys, discipline may mean you need to be direct with your words. You must watch what you say so as not to demean or belittle. And you must be clear and make sure they fully understand what you are saying. If you find yourself getting frustrated with them for not listening, have them repeat back what you said.

Girls: For girls, discipline is more about how you say something than what you say. The emotions you present with your words are sometimes all they feel. For dads, you must balance your emotions within the truth to discipline in a healthy way.

Why it matters: Understanding the subtle differences lets you know it’s OK to discipline differently. Give yourself grace. Stop worrying about being “fair” and be more concerned with actually training and teaching through discipline instead of punishing and shaming.

2. Encouragement

Boys: When it comes to encouragement for boys, they are longing to hear that Dad approves. When you see it, say it. Do not hesitate to let him know you are proud of him, not just because he did something great but because he is your son.

Girls: Trust is a big deal for most girls. When you encourage them, you can’t just say it once; you must say it again and again until they know it’s true. Don’t just blow smoke. Be genuine with your encouragement.

Why it matters: One of the easiest ways to build character in your child is through encouragement. Encouragement from Dad is very important. When you understand the type of encouragement they need, you can inspire and equip them…. Read the rest of this article at AllProDad.com

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