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I recently saw a social media post that said, “Real men DON’T play video games.” I understand the sentiment of the post, but the problem is it alienates many men today. What makes you a real man is subjective in our culture. What about a guy who doesn’t play video games but is verbally abusive to his family? “Don’t worry—he doesn’t play video games, so he’s a real man.”

Raising kids playing video games can be difficult to navigate at times. Regardless of how you feel about video games, if you have gamer kids, here are 3 important things you need to do with them.

1. Grab a controller.

I played video games growing up, but I am not a big fan of them today. As the parent, you absolutely have the choice to keep video games out of your home. My oldest is actually pretty good at video games and enjoys them. Instead of being frustrated, I choose to grab a controller and play with him. I am terrible and he makes fun of me, but we are spending time together. We laugh, we talk trash, and we connect.

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