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In 2015, my marriage was on the rocks. We had been kicked out of our rental house because the landlord wanted to give the house to a family friend. We had two young kids at the time and were far from any family or friends. My work situation wasn’t the best and my wife had left her job to stay home with the babies. We couldn’t even have a conversation without blowing up and getting into a fight. Contemplating divorce is not where we wanted to be—but there we were.

During one fight, I remember walking out the door and going for a walk because I couldn’t take it anymore. When I returned, my wife asked me a question I will never forget: “Do I need to take the kids and go to my parents so you can figure all of this out?” I didn’t want to be in that place. I didn’t get married to give up. Fortunately, we fought for our marriage and we made it. Here are 3 questions to ask before you leave your wife.

1. Why did we get married?

Getting to a place where you can ask this question without sarcasm is key, especially when contemplating divorce. (continue reading the other 2 questions


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