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Marriage takes work. When you buy a new big screen TV, it comes with hundreds of pages of instructions. When you get married, you get a sheet of paper. Sure, there are many great marriage resources to help you grow together, but rarely do we know what to do to keep our marriages rich.

One of the greatest tools to measure our success in marriage is asking our wives good questions.

When we can ask good questions, it opens our eyes to new things we haven’t seen or felt. To connect more deeply with your wife, you need to ask her these 3 questions.

1. “Are we good?”

You will have seasons of busyness and disconnection. If we are not careful, we can find ourselves going through the rhythms of life without any depth in our marriage. My wife and I ask this question at least once a month. Are we good? For both of us, this question is a check engine light for when we feel distant. We remind each other of our commitment and desire to love each other well…. Read the rest of this article at All Pro Dad.

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