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Throughout the years, I have met with hundreds of men for counseling. At some point in the conversation, I hear this statement: “I wish someone would have spent time teaching me about being a man when I was younger.” In this statement, I hear the current struggles and past mistakes. Many of the men feel unequipped to live as leaders and adults in our homes.

So, what are we to do about this? If you have boys in your home, you have an opportunity to change the next generation. Evaluate your own heart and mind, but also pour into your boys to make sure they will act like men. Here are 3 reasons men still act like boys—and how you can make sure your boys grow up to be men.

1. They never learned how to problem-solve.

My youngest son loves to eat and we are constantly kicking him out of the pantry. Sometimes when we tell him no, he breaks down and throws a fit on the floor. When I give in and let him have a snack at that moment, I am reinforcing his behavior. Men who act like boys in certain areas of life only know…

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