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Have you ever had that moment when you look at your kids and think to yourself, “Yikes! They’re turning out like me.” The other day, our family sat down for dinner. My 11-year old son, my 4-year old daughter, and I sat down at the table with our shirts off. It was only when my wife said that “it’s nice to have dinner with my three children” that I noticed my kids were only in their underwear. They were mimicking something I had done before. Hopefully my kids will wear clothes at the dinner table when they get older, but it isn’t always funny when kids turn out like their dads.

As much as our kids mimic the silly or good things we do, they also adopt our bad habits. Odds are good our kids are going to become just like us, so we have to ask ourselves honestly: Is that a good thing? Maybe we’d like our kids to take after us in some things. But if we drop the ball in these 4 ways, it will lead to our kids’ failure.

1. You don’t admit your weaknesses…

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