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You would think after 15 years of marriage, my wife and I would have figured out how to argue well with one another. We’ve had the same argument since we’ve been married—she wants me to spend less time looking at my phone and I’ve wanted her to take care of the house more (at least according to my standards). This last time, we realized we were stuck. However, we both realized we needed to learn how to argue and move forward together when there’s conflict. Do you know how to argue with your spouse?

I encourage you to start with yourself first. Don’t look at your wife and blame her when things are rocky. Take a good look in the mirror and ask some hard questions. If we truly want change, especially in this area, we must understand the reasons behind our reactions and responses when conflict arises. Here are 5 reasons you stink at fighting with your wife.

1. You misinterpret.

We can run to the wrong conclusions if we don’t interpret our wives correctly. Many times I heard my wife express her frustration with my phone use and interpreted it to mean she was tired of me personally and thought I was a terrible husband.

Read the 5 ways you stink at fighting with your wife.

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