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When I was a kid, my dad took me to help a friend whose home was destroyed by a tornado. Our job was to salvage anything we could find in the rubble. After several hours of work, we got back in the truck and I will never forget what he told me that day. He said, “Son, we are Cooleys, and when someone needs help, we help them.” It was part of my initiation into manhood. That day, my dad initiated me into a life of serving.

We all have ideas of what an initiation looks like. For most of us, we think of college fraternities or military-type initiations with physical challenges. But the act of initiation is to invite someone into a new way of living that will affect his or her future. Inviting your sons into manhood should not happen by mistake. We actively have to create moments of initiation. We should be intentional with a son’s initiation into manhood. Here are 5 initiations that your son needs from you.

1. An Initiation Into Adventure

When my boys were younger, they would grab sticks at the park and have epic sword fight…(Continue reading the rest of the article here).


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