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I am a creature of habit. I can’t say all my habits are good, however. I’m constantly trying to break bad habits like spending too much time looking at my phone. My wife and I recently set a rule in our house that we would not look at our phones while in bed. This certainly has had some positive effects, but it got me thinking about other good habits husbands should have—things to do for your wife every day.

Let your imagination run wild for a moment. If you could show your wife affection and love each night in the ways you think are best, what would you do? Now, ask yourself this: “What does my wife actually need most from me each night?” My hunch is that the answers to these questions may not be the same. I want to challenge you as you read this to do these 5 things for your wife every day for a month and see how it impacts your wife and marriage.

1. Share

Ask questions. Tell her how your day was. Doing this immediately when you get home creates a much-needed re-connection point. I realize the majority of us come home and…

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