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I love to cook. Cooking is an opportunity to turn a vision into reality. And I love to watch cooking shows when the hosts add secret ingredients to challenge the chefs. At times, the final plate is mind-blowing and special. Other times, the chefs miss the mark. The foundation of a great dish is great ingredients, but what happens when you have to work with an unexpected ingredient? Now let’s apply that to stress in marriage. What are the ingredients you and your wife are working with?

Communication, intimacy, expectations, finances, to name a few. Next, add an unforeseen ingredient: stress. How you adapt to stress in your marriage will either draw you closer in a beautiful way or add frustration and tension moving forward. We all want a healthy and thriving marriage and we all will experience stress in marriage. Here are 5 questions to ask your wife when life is stressful (Invite her to ask you these questions, too!).

1. Do you trust me?

Don’t just answer with a yes or no. Explain why or why not and give examples.

Do not attack each other or be defensive. If the answer is no….

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