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Growing up, my dad would get so angry when work didn’t go his way for the day. He would avoid me and throw a fit about how things were just going down the toilet. I remember asking him during one of his blowups what had happened. To my surprise, he said one of his employees didn’t fill the truck back up after a long trip. I asked, “Couldn’t he just do it in the morning?” My dad doubled down in his anger. I remember walking away thinking he was reacting rather childishly.

That day, I lost a little respect for my dad. Just because you’re an adult does not automatically mean you are mature. Your maturity—or lack thereof—shows up in how you react to life situations. The level of mental development and wisdom you display in different situations reveals your maturity level to your kids. And immature parents are damaging to kids. They need healthy and mature dads in their lives to learn from. Here are 5 signs you’re an immature dad.

1. Immature dads are self-involved.

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