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I met my wife in college. We had been dating a few weeks when she told me her car was making noises that didn’t sound right. With my very limited understanding of car stuff, I popped the hood and checked the dipstick. She had zero oil in her car and hadn’t gotten an oil change in over a year.

I took care of it for her, but I made a commitment that day that if I ever had a daughter, I was going to make sure she learned some important things so that by the time she grew up, she could take care of herself. Here are 5 things to teach your daughter before she becomes an adult.

1. The Value of Hard Work

As a girl dad, I often find myself wanting to work hard for my daughter and do things for her. In attempting to protect her from hard work or hard situations, I tend to do stuff myself that she should be able to do. We must show our daughters the value of hard work by our own actions…(continue reading here.)

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