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At a recent funeral for a longtime friend, I noticed how each of his loved ones shared a character trait they loved in him. Although I knew him well, it blew me away to hear how much he was loved. After the funeral, I started to think about what my kids will say about me when I am gone.

When kids grow up, they tend to look back on childhood with clarity. So when my kids grow up, how will they remember me as a dad? How will yours remember you? That day, I made a list of things I want my kids to say about me—things you’d want your kids to say about you, too. Here are 5.

1. My dad was always there.

The reality is that we physically can’t be at everything in our kids’ lives, especially if we have multiple children. However, I want my kids to remember my being there more than they remember my being gone. We have to make it a priority and this may mean we miss out on other good things in our lives.

2. My dad was trustworthy.

When I tell my kids I am going to do something…


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