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The other morning, my son attempted to help me make pancakes for the family. He tried to move a canister filled with rice to get some pancake mix and spilled the rice all over the floor. I got frustrated and blew up at him. At that moment, I knew I was acting stupid. Believe me—I know spilled rice isn’t a big deal, but for whatever reason, I made yet another of my dad mistakes.

My wife gently took care of the rice and let me excuse myself. After I calmed down, I did a couple of things. First, I apologized to my son and family for how I responded. That in and of itself is a whole other discussion. And I’m still doing the second thing I did that day: try to understand why I blew up like that. Indeed, stress, personality, and other factors play into it. But as I’ve thought it through, I’ve realized there are dad mistakes all dads make every day. Here are 3 we need to overcome.

1. We allow our emotions to rule us.

Growing up, I trained myself to bottle up my emotions and not let anyone know how I feel….

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