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One of my buddies got me a shirt that said “I like BBQ and maybe three people.” It’s funny how true this shirt is for most men. How many men do you know who love to work on relationships? How many love getting to know other guys simply to get to know other guys? Hardly any. So we isolate, and it doesn’t occur to us to stop isolating because we don’t know we’re doing it.

Most of us don’t need a whole lot of relationships to be fulfilled. We are simple creatures with simple habits. Because we tend not to need many relationships, we wind up isolated. But it not only impacts us—it also impacts the people we love. Here are 5 ways men isolate themselves without realizing.

1. We avoid social situations.

When coworkers ask us out for dinner after work, we come up with an excuse not to be there. Maybe your wife wants you to join her for a walk with the new neighbors, but you all of the sudden get a cramp in your foot. According to the New York Times, studies show that social interactions promote physical and emotional health in adults. Yet we believe we don’t need a social life, so we avoid social situations. When we do this, we weaken our support network and push ourselves into further isolation. If you find yourself making excuses to opt out of invitations consistently, ask yourself why.

2. We’re addicted to our devices.

We are connected like never before in history. But our amazing technology can put a wedge between us and those we love. Do you often find your family members in the same room on their devices, having little to no interaction with each other? When we isolate in this way…CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE AT


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