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In the average home, we find a lot of tools to keep those homes safe. We install alarm systems, multiple locks, and cameras in hopes to protect the ones we love. However, are we making our homes safe for our kids to face doubts and fears and ask hard questions? In other words, are you making your home a safe place for hard conversations?

Can your kids come into your house knowing that no matter what they do or say, you will love them? We want our kids to come to us on their best days and their worst.

In order to create a safe home, we must create a culture of safety. Here are 5 ways to create a safe home for hard conversations.

1. Be prepared.

It’s one thing to say you want to be safe and it’s another to actually be safe. Prove it by how you interact in the everyday stuff of life and let your kids know they can come to you with anything. The best way to be prepared is to work out scenarios in your head and think about what you will do if…(continue reading here)

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