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When I was in fourth grade, my mother had “the talk” with me. Out of nowhere, she asked me to sit down with her as she read me a very awkward book. It was the only conversation of this nature I ever had with my parents. You can probably guess where I went to further my sex education.

Now that I have my own kids and have worked with countless students over the years, I’ve realized: While “the talk” is difficult and awkward, we still need to have it. And we definitely need to have more than one talk with each of our kids. But here are 5 ways to make each talk less awkward.

1. Keep it casual.

You set the tone for how these conversations go. As I was putting my 10-year-old son to bed the other night, he complained about his knees and wrists hurting. I said, “You’re probably going through a growth spurt and getting ready to start puberty.” He asked, “What’s puberty?!” I told him his body is going to start changing, that it’s a normal part of life, that we would have more conversations about it over time—and that I would help him…CONTINUE READING AT

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