Think back to when you were a little boy. What is your best memory? Was there a time when you felt like you could conquer the world? Was there ever a moment when you said, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” Chances are, if you think hard enough, your greatest memories are connected with when your heart came alive. You experienced something for the first time or finally completed a goal.

When I was 10, my uncle put me on the back of a horse without a saddle. I was freaking out and wanted to get down. He sternly looked at me and said, “You got this,” as I held on for dear life. That was one of the best days ever. Why? Because my heart was activated, my heart came alive. Do you want those same moments for your boy? Here are 7 ways to activate your son’s heart.

1. Challenge him.

“If you want to activate your son’s heart, challenge him.”

With good intentions, we have become a soft culture. We want to protect and provide for our kids and this is our greatest joy as fathers. But we sometimes protect our boys from experiences they need. They need to be challenged. They need a little pressure. If you want to activate your son’s heart, challenge him. Challenge him at the playground to climb a little higher and run a little faster. Challenge him to prove himself in a new way. When is the last time you squeezed him tight and told him to break free? When you challenge your son and he proves himself, his heart comes alive and his confidence grows.

2. Let him help.

Kids can do more than you think. When I replaced the flooring…..

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