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My son is a creature of habit. Every morning, he wakes up, gets dressed, stampedes downstairs, and grabs a bowl of cereal. He pours his milk, adds some chocolate chips and bananas to the mix, and sits down to crunch away. I guarantee if you showed up at my house any day during the week at 7 a.m., you’d see him in the kitchen with his cereal, milk, and spoon, chomping away. It’s his routine—and it’s a good routine because starting the day with a good breakfast leads to a much more productive and positive day. Studies show it even improves behavior and academic performance. I try to affirm routines like this as often as I can.

In fact, I try to affirm my kids every morning, and I’ve realized it goes a long way in conveying my love to my kids. You certainly don’t have to do all of these every single day. But if you make it a routine to do two or three of them, the long-term effect will have a significant impact on your kids’ hearts. Here are 7 affirmations for kids every morning.

Read the 7 Affirmations by clicking here!

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