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A Husband’s Prayer for His Wife

Heavenly Father, 

I am coming before you to pray for my wife. But I am sensing I need to spend some time with you and pray for myself before I can pray for my wife from a settled heart. 

Life can be so hectic and stressful and I feel at times I am running on fumes, giving you and my wife the leftovers of my life. I desire a change in all of that. So I want to start with a moment with you. I affirm the truth about you that you are good, kind, holy, all-powerful, and all knowing. I praise you for who you are and your redeeming love for mankind, including me, through Jesus. It is good in this moment to remind myself of the truth about you because the enemy works hard on me to doubt your goodness and your love as I wrestle with life. Thank you for loving me.  

I come to you realizing there is something in me that is blocking me from fully receiving your love. There are certainly things within me that are hindering how I respond to others, especially to my wife. Father, would you help reveal to me the places in my heart that are wounded, the lies of the enemy that I have believed, and the false fulfillment I have run to to cope with my pain?  

(Take a moment to let Jesus speak to you about those places.) 

Father, I confess _____________________. This is an area of my life has that caused me pain. I bring this to you and ask for you to begin the healing work in me in this area. It feels good to take this out of the darkness and expose it to the light of your love. Please forgive me for thoughts and actions I have taken responding from this pain rather than giving it to you. In Jesus’ name, would you break off the power of the lies that I have believed that am not enough or that I am a disappointment to you. Forgive me for hanging onto bitterness or thinking negatively about my wife. I want to experience the freedom you offer in Jesus so I can love my wife in the way you have intended. I desire to love her freely without conditions.  

Father, I desire to make our marriage the safest place to be for my wife. As you continue to heal me, please give me strength and your heart for my wife to love her fully, to allow her to share all of herself with me. Help me let go of any need to respond or defend myself in the moment, but help me to allow my wife to be and feel fully known by me.  

My wife is looking for me to be a spiritual leader, but to be honest I feel intimidated by that and struggle with being ineffective. Would you give me the courage and determination to take some next steps to provide leadership to my wife and family? 

Father, I now want to pray for my wife. First, I want to thank you for giving me a partner to share all of life with. I so often take her for granted. When my heart and mind are right, I can see clearly the beautiful person you have created her to be. She has so many qualities that I appreciate. 

(Take a moment and make a list of those qualities you admire about your wife and acknowledge them in prayer.) 

Jesus, I bring my wife’s heart to you and ask that you help heal wounding she has experienced and deliver her from any lies of the enemy.  

(Take a moment and ask the Lord to show some wounds or lies your spouse is dealing with currently. Then take these to God and bring them to Him for healing.) 

I pray that you help her to know how deeply she is loved and valued. I pray that she knows you more deeply and that you can break down any walls or strongholds that keep her from fully experiencing your love. Father, use me to help her to know how deeply loved and valued she is. Help me to be an example of your love that leads her closer to you. 

I pray for our marriage, that we would move toward a place of oneness that you desire. As we pursue you, help us to be drawn into a deeper and more intimate relationship together. Lord, help me to never take her for granted and to understand that of all the ministries I may have in my life, she is my number one ministry. 

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and fellowship of the Holy Spirit be our constant guide and companion in our marriage. 

In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen! 

Susan Sowell
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