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Be Present Family Challenge


Our world around us moves a million miles a minute. Pair that with family activities and constant news and entertainment near our fingertips and no wonder it is easy for us all to miss key moments in our day.  The many distractions of this world can keep us from upholding one of life’s most important responsibilities.  As parents, we are the Primary Faith Trainers of our children. We are called to teach the truth of God to our children in a diligent manner.   God has given us everything we need through His Spirit that dwells within us. In order to allow the Spirit to guide us as we teach and train our children – we must Be Present with them – not just physically near them but emotionally and mentally engaged.

We invite you take the challenge of “Being Present” with your family by mindfully staying off your phone, computer, smart watch, tablet etc…. during key family times.  Particularly at the dinner table, at bedtime, during the morning routine, on car trips, or even standing on the sidelines at sporting events.  Commit to Be Present with your family!  This allows for quality time and makes room for important conversations like Faith Talks or God Moments that you will certainly miss if your attention is on a device. 

To help you remember, download the image that you like the best below for your background of your smart device as a reminder to Be Present for key opportunities. We encourage you to do this for a month and see how it changes your conversations with your children.

Click the image to download.  We pray that this gentle reminder would be a blessing to you and your family.

Phone Wallpaper Downloads

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