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A Burden-Bearer’s Prayer

LORD, I have probably run from bearing burdens as You have called me to, or have tried to do it in my own strength. In either case, I have missed the blessing You meant for me and for Your Body. I ask Your forgiveness for missing Your heart, LORD.  

Father, You are constantly looking for those You can intercede through to bear another’s burdens. Help me to hear Your heart when I pray, not just talk to you. I recognize, LORD, that bearing burdens in my own flesh can be a tremendous load. However, when I do it in conjunction with You, it can be a tremendous blessing.  

LORD, forgive me for shrinking back from the pain and suffering of others, thinking I had to be the one to carry it. I see that You want me to rest in Your strength when bearing burdens, knowing Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light. 

LORD, I ask you to take any burdens I am not supposed to carry or am carrying wrongly, and I ask Your forgiveness for trying to do in my flesh what is Yours alone to do. I cast these burdens to you because I know you care for me. I trust you to carry these burdens and take care of your children.  

LORD, I choose to accept the call to stand in the gap and intercede for others. I surrender to you my fear that I am going to be “taken from” and ask that you replace it with the truth that you are the One carrying the burden through me. Help me to experience Your freedom in carrying burdens to the Cross. 

Lord Jesus, without You, I can bear no burdens rightly. Help me to surrender any and all striving and just to rest in You, no matter what!  

In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

Susan Sowell
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