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In this episode, Bobby chats with author and speaker Allen Arnold. Allen recently wrote a book called Chaos Can’t.

Chaos Can’t Ultimately Win.
But With God…You Can.

The hopeful yet defiant message of Chaos Can’t is that it’s possible to remain unshaken in this world of chaos.

But you won’t find the answers on the nightly news or social media. They report chaos, stir fear, and take sides but have no clue for a cure. Because they’re looking in the wrong places.

This quest offers a refreshingly different approach. Rather than focus on current events, we’ll take a mythic yet practical journey that starts before time began. To experience God as Creator. To expose an ancient enemy who uses chaos as a weapon. And to understand why our dreams, hopes, and hearts are under attack.

What is chaos? How does God approach it? And can we overcome it?

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