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There is something special about being a girl dad. I was asked a few months ago, “What is it like to have a daughter?” As I pondered this question, I really didn’t have the words to explain it. I would go so far to say that there are no words; you just have to experience it.  

In an interview, Kobe Bryant smiled as he remarked about having girls. “Just be grateful that you’ve been given that gift because girls are amazing. He was right.  

I am blessed to have both boys and a girl. As her and her brothers are getting older, I am trying to be intentional with spending quality time with each one of them. I know how boys think so I can relate to them fairly easy. With my daughter, I want to be intentional about spending quality time without “making” her do stuff that dad likes.  I love being a girl dad. I am learning how to nurture and care for her heart.

For all girl dads, every time you spend quality time with them, you are making a deposit in your daughter’s relational piggy bank.

My friend, Doug Fields, once said, “If you do not give your daughters attention, they will find it from someone else.”  Here are seven activities to spend quality time with your daughter.

7 Activities for Dads and Daughters

1. Donuts 

This is low hanging fruit for dads. It takes little effort with huge returns. Most Saturdays, my daughter and I will go get donuts just the two of us. Our quick chats in the car and watching her pick out the right one is a small moment that I hope she remembers forever. Creating moments do not require a lot of money or time; they just need to be intentional.  

2. Pedicures  

Dads, put your pride aside and take your girl to get her nails done. Granted, this is a great time for moms to share as ongoing quality time between them, but your girl will love having dad pamper her. This will establish some standards in her mind regarding how she should be treated by men.  

3. Creative Projects 

Girls love to create things. My daughter loves when I sit down and color or craft with her. It’s a special time where I can build up her confidence within her creativity. The next time you have a project around the house, let her help.  

4. Cook a Meal 

Find a fun recipe and follow along with her to create plates of food fit for master chef. Not only does this produce quality time, it also creates a memory connected to food. Every time they eat that dish in the future, they will think of you.  

5. Get Outside  

My daughter is great at fishing. She is far more patient than my boys. There is something special about being in nature together. Go fish, hike, or just go for a walk together. Our favorite thing to do together is to fish and eat sunflower seeds.  

6. Physical Activity  

Playing softball in the back yard or letting her join in on my workouts is a great way to spend time together. It is not just boys who like to get physical; girls do, too. Play sports with them, high five, and engage their competitive spirit.  

7. Let Her Choose 

The best thing you can do is be intentional and ask her, “What do you want to do?” Let her dream up a fun adventure with dad. It could be ice-cream after dinner or going to a movie during the day. When you let her choose, her heart comes to life because she sees and feels that dad wants to spend time with her.  

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