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This study is entitled “Faith Under Pressure” because a primary purpose of the book of Daniel is to provide hope and encouragement for people who are struggling in the midst of a hostile culture. Though it may seem like two different books (one of history, one of prophecy), there is a unity of message here. The stories about Daniel and his companions show how to resist the attacks of a culture trying to strip you of your identity and make you over in its image.

The prophecies reveal that God has not forgotten them. He is still guiding things and working them out. He calls us to trust him and be faithful. The consistent message of the whole book is: In spite of present appearances, God is in control.

Daniel 1: Fighting For Your Identity

Daniel 2: God and How to Follow Him

Daniel 3: Trusting God in the Furnace

Daniel 4: Becoming a Sinful Beast

Daniel 5: The Writing on the Wall

Daniel 6: Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Daniel 7: Daniel’s Conquest of “Unconquerable” Evil

Daniel 8:. How Long, O Lord?

Daniel 9: Daniel’s Prayer of Repentance

Daniel 10: Daniel and Spiritual Warfare.

Daniel 11: Persecution and Judgment

Daniel 12: Persecution and Judgment