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You touch it first thing in the morning. You touch it before you leave for work. You touch it throughout the day over and over. It’s 2020 and your life is now and forever connected to your phone. And if we’re being honest, we all probably touch it more than we touch our wives.

It has immense power for good. We can communicate, stay connected, and get work done with it. On the flip side, the phone also can be used for evil. It can absorb much of our time and energy if we let it. If we aren’t careful, it easily can ruin relationships by pulling us away from the ones we love the most.

To control the devices in our pockets instead of being controlled by them, we must set boundaries and expectations. Here are 5 tips for men who’d like to touch their wives more than they touch their phones.

1. Plug your phone in as soon as you get home.

This does two things. One, it removes the distraction from your hands immediately. Two, it allows you to connect better with the people you love right when you get home. Those first few moments when you get home are important. Don’t miss them…Read the rest of this article at All Pro Dad.

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