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“Everything is meaningless!” That is a phrase you expect to be shouted by an atheist philosophy professor or a disillusioned person struggling through a midlife crisis. It’s not something you expect to find in the pages of Scripture. But that is precisely where the book of Ecclesiastes starts.

We are going to be looking closely at Ecclesiastes. It is a difficult book to read because it is written from the perspective of a person who literally had it all and realized he had nothing. He had accomplished, acquired, and achieved everything a person could in this world, and he was just as hollow as he was when he started. He was the living embodiment of the quote: “The loneliest moment in life is when you have just experienced that which you thought would deliver the ultimate and it has let you down.”

Table of Contents

ECCLESIASTES 1:1-11 – Life Under the Sun

ECCLESIASTES 1:12-2:9 – Four Dead Ends

ECCLESIASTES 7 – Wisdom vs. Foolishness

ECCLESIASTES 9 – Run to the Father

ECCLESIASTES 12 – The End of the Matter

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