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PART 2: Partnering with Parents Through Children’s Ministry

The Empowered Homes Team sits down to talk with leaders from various areas of ministry to discuss practical ways to empower homes with the gospel by connecting church and home.   This series addresses some of the challenges churches face and  how the church can come alongside families to help them be successful.


About this episode:

Bobby Cooley is joined by Kingsland Children’s Ministry Staff members, Lyndsey Dottavio, James DeWitt, and Kina Cockroft. They define what it means for parents to be the A-TEAM and the church to be the B-TEAM by pointing to resources and connection points that help children’s ministry teams connect church and home.

This episode is for ministry leaders, parents of elementary aged kids and volunteers in children’s ministry. Be sure to take a listen to this episode to hear the heart behind connecting church & home.

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