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EPISODE 4: Honesty in Marriage

On today’s episode, Bobby is joined by Todd and Lorie Pendergrass who are sharing about honesty in marriage. Todd and Lorie share some helpful tools for evaluating honesty in your marriage. We pray this episode encourages and empowers your marriage to grow and rest in God’s call toward unity in Christ.

This is episode 4 in our Marriage Podcast Series, Pursuing the Heart of Your Spouse.

About the Series:
When a marriage begins, most couples would probably agree they intend to grow and build a life that is healthy and happy. The initial love and affection a husband and wife feel in the early years of marriage often seem strong enough to sustain it for the future. However, more often than we would like to admit, being married can get really hard, really quick. So, what do we do when our marriages face challenges? How do we continue to pursue the heart of our spouse in the midst of busy or hard seasons?

This podcast series welcomes several married couples from all seasons of life to chat about the REAL STUFF OF MARRIAGE. They will share some marriage wins, some challenges they have faced and ways in which they rely on God to grow and sustain the pursuit of their spouse through it all. We hope and pray you will be encouraged by their stories and be drawn to pursue the heart of your spouse in new ways. Don’t miss the surprise questions at the end for a little fun!

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