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The Empowered Homes Team welcomes back our friend,John Trent to discuss his recent book The Relationally-Intelligent Child: 5 Keys to Helping Your Kids Connect Well with Others. 

About The Book

Most parents today understand brokenness and loneliness when it comes to relationships. Then comes the need to teach relationship skills to their children! Having experienced isolation and loneliness on their own, parents can be terribly aware of how much their own children need and long for relationships.

The Relationally-Intelligent Child  teaches parents the crucial insights of a must grasp concept: relational intelligence. This tool for growth and connection will not only change a child’s life, but also a parent’s own relationships. You’ll discover five key elements that can engage and equip your child with skills for being relationally intelligent with family, friends, and others.

This book also includes a special online version of the Connect Assessment® to help parents understand their children’s relational strengths. You’ll find a hands-on application plan, as well as links to powerful podcasts, videos, and resources. Your child was created for connection and designed for loving relationships. Get the help you need to guide them to develop the skills they need to do so.

Get the Book

Grab a copy of John’s book by clicking here: The Relationally Intelligent Child

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