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Emoji Easter Family Devotional

You might be wondering how emojis fit into the Easter story. Emojis have become so prevalent in our culture, sometimes it even feels like using them is a second language. They show us that words aren’t always enough when it comes to emotions. Plus, they’re just downright fun!

Over the next few days, you and your family will be looking at stories that take place in the week leading up to Easter. Each day you’ll give your kids the dry erase circles and a marker and encourage them to draw an emoji that matches an emotion they notice in the story.

On each day of this guide, you will find a passage of Scripture to look up and read, a couple of paragraphs unpacking the passage, a few discussion questions, and a prayer. During the discussion questions, the kids will have a chance to share the emoji they drew and why they chose it.

When we read the Bible, it can be easy to forget that we are reading about real people with real joys, real pains, and real emotions. What a blessing to realize that God has been working through broken people, just like us, for ages. And not only that, but He can use our emotions to bring Him glory.