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In this episode, Bobby gets on zoom with Pastor Justin Kendrick to talk about his book Bury Your Ordinary.

Many Christians wonder, “Why am I stuck spiritually when I read the Bible, pray, and go to church?” In Bury Your Ordinary, Pastor Justin Kendrick offers a clear map for spiritual growth to help readers:

Develop seven habits that lead to explosive spiritual growth
Realize the number-one ingredient God looks for in a disciple maker
Share their faith as a way of life
Learn to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit
Live out the truth that God is deeply satisfied with who they are

Bury Your Ordinary is a field manual to an entirely different way of life that starts with digging a deep hole, putting the “ordinary you” inside it, covering it with dirt, and walking away as a transformed person. Through intentional changes to your habits, you will discover a deeper love for God and a heart fully alive.

Grab a copy of his book! (Click Here)

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