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In this episode, Bobby sits down with Meghan Landi to share 5 tips for Thriving Through Christmas Break. Bobby and Meghan challenged each other to come up with 5 tips that will help families thrive during Christmas Break. As many families head into the Christmas Break, we hope you will take time to intentionally connect with your family to thrive through Christmas. Here are the tips for thriving:

Bobby’s Tips:

1. Advent
2. Set Expectations (ex. set snack time for kids; bedtimes; device times)
3. Schedule Rest – Stay Home Days
4. Kind Words- never talk bad about family members in front of your children
5. One-on-One Time with each of your children (no matter what their age)

Meghan’s Tips:

1. Embrace the “Are we there yets?”
2. Communicating All Travel Plans
3. All In Family Clean Up Times
4. Family Serve Days
5. Family Favorite Day – Ask your kids “What is your favorite thing to do as a family?” and make it happen!

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