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Discipline of Retreat

Do you have a favorite place to “get away from it all”? A place where you can pull back from the busyness of life and “recharge your batteries”? If there is a mountain or a beach involved, that would be a favorite place for me. The only problem I have with getting away from it all is the compulsion to see and experience everything and I return more exhausted than when I left!      -Doug Valot

Rest and retreat are so much more than relaxing on a beach or dozing off in a hammock.  God beckons to rest in a different way.  A rest that eases our burdens and hurry.  A divine invitation to rest.  We are so excited to share thoughts about rest and retreat from our friend, Doug Valot.  Entering the Retreat House is a four-part series he wrote at his blog called, Invitation to Rest.  This series gives an in depth look at how to practically plan out your time of retreat.  Before you dive into this helpful series, you may want to read Discipline of Retreat, a prequel, which explains the reason for prioritizing rest and retreat as one of your core disciplines.

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