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Below are a few resources for you and your family that can help guide your financial decisions:


Individual and Family Finance Planning: Try Financial Peace for Free. You’ll receive all nine video lessons, money tools, downloads, Ask a Coach feature, and even the EveryDollar Plus budgeting app—free for two weeks.


Finance and Career Advice: It’s scary out there, but hope is greater than fear. Join bestselling authors Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze and Ken Coleman as they give super practical, super clear advice on what you need to do with your money and career right now.  (Video Below)

What do I do if I get laid off? The COVID-19 pandemic is having a massive impact on our economy, and it’s causing lots of layoffs. Over 3 million Americans have filed for unemployment since the outbreak started. This resource will help you take some healthy next steps:

What To Do if You Get Laid Off


The Crisis Budget. In a time of crisis, it is important to adjust your finances. Whether you’ve lost your job, or preparing for the long haul, here’s a helpful guide to simplify the process.

Crisis Budget Fillable Form


Wants vs Needs Worksheet: We all have needs, wants, and desires – in a time of crisis, it is important to discern what is what. Use this tool to help:

Needs, Wants, and Wishes Worksheet


Trim Your Expenses. This quick 5 minutes video provides practical advice and tools to help trim your expenses, cut subscriptions and save money on the things you’re already buying. (Video Below)


Raising Money Wise Kids. Trying to engage your kids in fun activities right now? This article provides 15 ways to teach your kids about money.

15 Ways to Teach Kids About Money