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Grand-parenting: How to Leave a Jesus Legacy

Grandparents: Faith Model

What do we mean by the “Faith Model”?

Research has found that grandparents have a huge part to play in the faith maturity of grandchildren. Parents cultivate and shape spiritual disciplines while grandparents help form “faith identity.” Grandparents who model their faith see higher faith maturity in their grandchildren. Essentially, how you, First Generation, live out your faith in front of the third generation, your grandchildren, matter in a big way.

Three key actions:

Live Intentional: Grandparents who model their faith intentionally make the most of every moment with their own grandchildren as well as the young people in the church. Grandparents who model their faith in the categories below leave a lasting legacy for their grandchildren. Allow them to observe your reading your Bible, hearing you pray, and watching you serve. Plan vacations, holidays and time with them. Stop in the church hallways to intentionally interact.

Be a Story Teller: One of the greatest things you can do to impact the faith maturity in your grandchildren is to tell them your story. We want every grandparent to share their stories of faith to their own grandchildren and to the young people in our church. They need your stories: faith conversion, God moments, God’s faithfulness to you in life situations (even when you failed), and ministry service.

Have Honest Conversations: Honest grace-filled conversation with family members and fellow believers is key to modeling. Have conversations with your adult children about the faith maturity of your grandchildren and how you would like to impact them. Have honest conversations with your children and grandchildren about your struggles, victories, and even doubts. Have honest conversations about the stages of life/death. When you talk about these things you are helping to shape their identity and their view of who God is and what He has done for you.