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While many marriages and relationships have embraced this time of quarantine for the better, others have realized their marriage isn’t what they thought it was.  Or maybe deep-down they knew things weren’t that great, but the option to live parallel lives has been removed. They are living together 24/7 with nowhere to hide.

Exposed is a harsh-sounding word and it can be a scary experience. We run from exposure. We try to cover it up and smooth it over and NOT expose things; our sins, our failures, our dark thoughts, and our pain.

Our first parents, Adam and Eve, showed us our typical response when we’re exposed: fig leaves and hide-and-go-seek with God. It didn’t work out too well back then and it doesn’t work now. Although for a time we may feel like we’re getting away with it, we are quickly reminded…not so much!

The methods of our cover-ups have gotten more complicated and elaborate. Our “fig-leaves” have turned into sports, a nice house, a secret sin or relationship, a job title, busyness, etc.  We may not even realize it, but deep down we’re trying to cover up an insecurity, a personal loss, or maybe a struggling marriage.

The recent events in our world with the pandemic virus, COVID-19, causing an economic shut-down and stay at home orders have done many things. Not the least of which has served as an effective tool for revealing some serious issues within each of us.

We are being exposed and we may not like what we see.

Now stuck at home, we are forced to face a marriage or family situation that was once hidden or put on hold.  Sports are gone!! The usual routine of silence and going to work and maybe 3 days later you start talking again is not cutting it.

For many marriages and relationships this quarantine is pushing you to a breaking point. You may be reaching a place of decision about your marriage future, and what you decide to do will have significant ramifications for generations to come. If you find yourself in this place, here are a couple things we want to encourage you to do…

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