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For almost all of us, this lockdown feels unending. But in truth, the day is coming (sooner for some, unfortunately, longer for others) when the door to your home will legally and practically crack open. Shortly after that, those same people you have spent so much time with, will very likely never be this close, for this long, again. Which means you need to HAVE THAT CONVERSATION NOW.

What do I mean by that? We’ve all read heartbreaking articles of how people are dying alone fighting this terrible plague. Wishing so much they had loved ones nearby to share words they are unable to say. Thankfully, for most of us, we’ve been sheltering in place, staying safe, with people we love.

But in this incredible time of forced “togetherness,” there are three conversations you need to have.

Before sports, work, school (yes, school outside your home will start again) and life take these people in your life away, please make the most of this opportunity…

John Trent
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