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Find a quiet place with the purpose of seeking God’s healing and freedom.   Begin your time with God by reading Psalm 55 – slowly. After reading Psalm 55 simply tell God that you need Him.  Ask God to remove anything that would hinder you from hearing Him speak to you through His Spirit.  Dedicate this time with God to Him and invite Him to work in your heart as you seek Him.

1) Confess to God that you need His healing and freedom from your wounds and burdens.

2) Confess to God that you don’t have the power to heal your heart or set yourself free from wounds and burdens.

3) Look to the Cross and remember what Jesus did to save you, heal you, deliver you and take your burdens.  (Luke 4:18, Hebrews 12:2, Colossians 2:14, 1 Cor. 1:18, Isaiah 53:4-6).

4) Invite Jesus to come into your brokenness and heal your heart and set you free from burdens.  Pray very honest prayers like we see in Psalm 55 – humbly, seeking healing and freedom from Jesus.

5) Take the burdens that you are carrying and one by one ask Jesus to take them from you, release you from the burdens and ask Jesus to heal you and set you free.


Healing and Freedom Prayers are not intended to be a one-time visit with Jesus. Because of our brokenness, the world we live in and the daily attacks from the enemy, we need to bring our hearts to Jesus daily to experience healing and freedom.

You may be carrying a “bag” full of burdens and you may need to spend extended time praying and pouring your heart out to Jesus. You may have very deep wounds that Jesus is healing.  Talk to a trusted friend or a Christian Counselor who can help you take additional steps towards your healing.  Jesus is the One who directs our steps towards healing and freedom.  However, we must seek Him and ask Him to heal us and direct path to healing.

Example of a Healing & Freedom Prayer

Jesus, I need you.  Open the eyes of my heart so I can see you.  My heart needs to see your love, your grace, your glory, your power and your passion to heal me and set me free. I need to see myself and my life through the lens of the Gospel, your heart for me, your battle and victory for me, your life given for me.

Jesus, you know the battle within my heart and the battle the enemy wages against my heart.  I am pulled away from you by so many distractions, cares of this world, burdens that I try to carry on my own, fears that I battle, sins that I struggle with and pain that I carry.

Jesus, I invite you to come into my pain, my brokenness, the darkness and the battles within me.  Come into all of the places that I need your healing, your freedom.

Jesus, you know the lies the enemy tells me about myself, about you, about other people. You know the way the enemy works to distract me, deceive me and pull me away from you.  You know the fear, condemnation and shame that grips my soul through his attacks on me.

Lord, I confess my need for you. I need you to forgive me for the ways that I’ve turned away from you (you may need to confess specific sins and ask for forgiveness and cleansing from the sins).  I need your forgiveness, your grace to cleanse me of all unrighteousness.

Jesus, I bring my doubts to you. I confess that I’ve not turned to you and trusted you to heal me and set me free. I confess that I’ve tried to change my heart and life apart from you.  I confess my fears, my pride and my lack of trust in you.  I bring my heart to you, my cares, burdens, fears, insecurities, doubts, frustrations and disappointments. I give everything to you.

Jesus, I receive from you all that you have for me. I receive the truth of who you say I am.  I receive the truth of what you say about your love for me, your plan for my life, your power to heal and set me free. I receive your grace to forgive me, heal me, restore me and strengthen me.

Lord, I ask that you break the agreements that I’ve made with the enemy when I believed his lies.  Heal me of the pain from those lies.  Set me free from the power of those lies and help me embrace your truth and grace. Set me free from shame and condemnation. Help me to believe what you say about me, about you and about my life.

Anoint me by your Spirit so that I can walk in your truth, by the power of the Spirit within me.  Restore my heart, restore my relationship with you and lead me in your ways.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.