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Years ago, I watched a man destroy his family. It was painful because so many people in his life tried to warn him, but he was in denial about what he was doing. He began spending more and more time with a woman from work and claimed they were just friends. He would go for runs and bike rides with her alone and get defensive when people close to him called him out for crossing a line. And he continued to deny the true nature of his relationship with her—until he finally left his wife and sons.

All great marriages are built upon honesty. And I really hope you’re reading this because you want a great marriage. Perhaps your marriage is struggling and you want to improve it. I believe you can, but it’s going to require honesty in marriage—and not just with your wife but also with yourself. After 15 years of marriage, I’m realizing I need to look in the mirror first when there are issues in my marriage rather than point the finger at my wife. Here are 3 things to be honest about in marriage.

1. Selfishness is usually at the root of our conflict.

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