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Sometimes we have wrong expectations about what the gospel is. We think we know what the gospel is and what God promised us through Jesus. Sometimes our understanding of what the gospel is turns out to be narrow, sometimes incomplete, sometimes misguided.

We think that the gospel is only about what happens to me when I die, or that it promises me an easy life. The goal of Mark’s gospel is to give us a clear picture of the gospel Jesus proclaims so that we will be able to live it out in our own world because we have what we need to be obedient and to stay faithful when times get tough.

This study is about helping people understand the Gospel power and purpose for everyday living.

Mark 1 Gospel Beginnings

Mark 1 Gospel Preparation

Mark 2 Gospel Priorities

Mark 4:1-20 Gospel Preparation Part II: Cultivating the Soil

Mark 5:21-43 Gospel Problems: When God Stops

Mark 6:45-52 Gospel Confidence: Jesus Walks on Water

Mark 10:17-31 Gospel Obstacles: The Rich Young Ruler

Mark 11 Mark 11:1-10 Learning the Lessons of Palm Sunday

Mark 11:12-26 Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Mark 12:1-34 Jesus Teaches in the Temple

Mar 24 Mark 13:1-37 Jesus Teaches About the Temple

Mark 14:12-43 Jesus Prepares

Mark 14:43-15:47 Jesus is Murdered

Mark 16:1-8 Jesus is Risen