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In this episode, Bobby sits down with Dennis Wilbanks. Dennis works with senior adults at Kingsland Baptist Church. We discuss the key action of grandparents to help continue to influence their kids and grandkids with the Gospel.

Grandparents or grandparent-aged people in our church are the “First Generation.”

Practically families consist of three generations: grandparents (including great-grandparents), parents, children/grandchildren. Recent research is verifying scriptural significance that the “First Generation” has on the second and particularly the third generation.


First Generation: Those of grandparent age, empty nest through the end of life, who live and leave a Jesus legacy to their children and grandchildren.

Grandparent’s Faith Model: We become faith models when we live intentionally, act as storytellers and initiate honest conversations.

Practical ways to be connective grandparents: There are many ways to connect regardless of proximity. We do this with non-familial “grandchildren” within our churches.

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