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In this episode, Bobby sits down with Pastor Ryan Rush to interview Dr. Gene Wilkes.

Dr. Gene Wilkes is the president and professor of New Testament and Leadership at B. H. Carroll Theological Institute in Irving, Texas. Dr. Wilkes embraces the Institute’s mission to “equip men and women called to serve Christ in the diverse and global ministries of his church.” He has authored eleven books, including Jesus on Leadership: Timeless Wisdom on Servant Leadership and A New Way of Living: Practicing the Beatitudes Every Day.

We talk about his book and how parenting is leadership. We discuss these four questions that every parent must answer:

1. Why are we here? Mission

2. Where are we going? Direction and Goals

3. How do I do it? – 30 Remember Forever’s / Core values

4. Who can I count on? Trust, love and discipline

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