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In this episode, Bobby and Maggie sit down with Tamber Jones to talk about homeschooling and at-home learning. Tamber holds a master’s degree from HBU and has been leading her children at home for eleven years now. Based on her own experience, she shares five pro tips to help all parents who are experiencing any and all levels of at-home learning.

Five Pro-Tips

1. Manage Expectations.

Setting realistic expectations about yourself, your week and each child will help defuse outbursts and issues that are bound to happen.

2. Rest.

It’s easy to just keep going, so you must be diligent to make rest a priority in your home during at-home learning.

3. Ask For Help.

It’s OK to ask for help, especially from your Father in heaven.

4. People Come First.

No lesson or test is more Important than relationships. You have to get tasks done and stay on schedule, but don’t value the schedule more than your child.

5. Be Word-Centered.

Tamber mentions that a lot of healing can come from a good book. Reading is essential to healthy development. In the same way, God’s Word should be the powerful tool we lead our homes with, especially with school.